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Downloadable files: Click here!, or go to address: ladattavat.maxiverkko.fi

What my site offers to you?

Background gallery

You can find new and fabulous background image gallery from my site. Images are classified and you can browse them by using image slider. All the pictures are free to download so you can use them as a background or even poster! Right now all the pictures are screenshots from videogames, but later on gallery will include pictures from real life too.

Code library

If you need inspiration to coding or wanna take a look of the working code, you can do so by heading to coding page. There are all C++ and C# codes I have made. All of those programs are working and I did them during autumn/winter 2015. You can download all of the codes from the site, so you don't need to copy them by hand.


When you heading to Networks page, you can find information about my Steam user. I always accept all friend requests what I get in Steam, because I like to play with you guys. You can be toxic, underage or noob, I will happily play with you. Just be brave and send friend request so we can play!

You can contact me by filling the contact form below. I will answer to all genuine questions!